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Bill's Studio Work & Recordings

2022 "Don's Single"
Artist: Don Crigler

Mandolin: "Roads"
  2022 "Lucky Thing"
Artist: Kevin Whalen

Mandolin: :Forever Lots", "Lost and Found", "Host Up Your Glasses"
Guitar: "Bad Weather Blues"
2020 "Under The Covers"
Artist: Kevin Whalen

Mandolin: "And The Rain" & "Dark Horse"
  2019 "Life Is A Wonder"
Artist: Kevin Whalen

Mandolin: "Bagel Boogie" & "Ocracoke Days"
2017 "Circles"
Artist: Don Crigler

Mandolin: "Believe In The Music"
  2018 "Con Burch Band Demo Session"
Artist: Artist: Con Burch Band

Con Burch (vocal)
Gary Denick (guitar)
Bobby Martin (steel)
Bill Foster (mandolin)
Steve Spence (bass)
Mike Hastey (drums)
2016 "Late Autumn"
Artist: Kevin Whalen

Mandolin: "This Getting Old...", "Late Autumn", "River'd In Again"
Guitar: "Full Moon Blue", "Sands Of Time"
  2016 "Ungly Old Suit"
Artist: Artist: Jeremy Rodgers

Mandolin: "Matuska"
2013 "The Bluegrass Years 1978-2010"
Artist: Bill Foster

Culled from cassettes of live performances, CDs and one LP. With New River Express, Outer Banks, Winterwood, Swinging Bridge, and Five Of A Kind.
  2011 "Ain't Done Yet"
Artist: Ain't Done Yet

(Don Crigler/Chris Turner)
Mandolin: "Passing Lane" & "Shenandoah Wind"
2009 "Lemongrass"
Artist: Exit 9

(Clay Arthur/Gloria Goeres)
Mandolin: Various cuts
  2007 "Royal Flush"
Artist: Five of a Kind

Terry Barbin (banjo)
Norman Racey (bass)
Jimmy Drummond (guitar)
Bill Foster (mandolin)
Gene Stokes (mandolin)
2004 "Cowboy Paintbrush"
Artist: Yancy Deveer

Mandolin: Various cuts
  2003 "Rough Edges
Artist: Swinging Bridge

Alan Colpitts (bass)
Bobby Martin (banjo)
Chris Bryson (guitar)
Bill Foster (mandolin)
1985 Winterwood (VA)
Page Duppstadt (banjo),
Curt Fox (guitar),
Randy Collier (dobro),
Bill Foster (mandolin),
Richard Hardesty (bass)
  1982 Outer Banks (VA)
Dave Goldman (fiddle),
Stafford Markham (banjo),
Pat Markham (bass),
Ken Tackett (guitar),
Bill Foster (mandolin)
1978 "The Land Is Ours"
Artist: New River Express

Jerry Magri (guitar)
Faith Cottington(fiddle)
Bill Foster (mandolin)
Barney Gault (bass)
Wayne Skidmore (banjo)